The islets

Summer thrills and a passion for exploration are not limited to the coastline of Alonissos. In fact, all start beyond this line. Though uninhabited, the neighboring, isles are full of hidden treasures, always ready to "tell" their stories. Starting from Ilya Suites, the daily excursions will fill your mind with beautiful pictures, completing your visit to Alonissos - with all its experiences.

Kyra Panagia

Kyra Panagia is the largest of the islands near Alonissos. Here was the ancient Alonissos and, as archaeological finds prove, it was an island particularly important because of its two harbors, well sheltered from bad weather. At Planitis harbor we find remnants of fortifications that show the island was inhabited from 6000 BC. Today's visitor to the island will see the restored Byzantine monastery (which functioned until 1984) in a perfectly beautiful Aegean landscape.


Peristera is a beautiful and friendly little island with low plant life, ideal for walks. The ancient shipwreck, sunk into the sea that surrounds the islet, is an important one. Peristera is located just across from Steni Vala and here you can combine diving and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.


In islet Giouria you’ll find - apart from the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus- a rare kind of a wild goat which shelters here. In Giouria you can visit the cave of the Cyclops with its stalagmites and stalactites.


The rock of the island Psathoura is volcanic and has different soils and colors. In Psathoura, it’s worth visiting the Mandraki Beach and the lighthouse built by the French.


Piperi is the most central island of the marine park and here you will see rare species of birds and plants of unique importance for maintaining the balance of life in the park. It is a rocky island.


Skantzoura are shaped from a series of low hills with low vegetation. Very close by are the islets of Stroggilo and Polemika.