Feel the refreshing breeze that comes down from the slopes to meet the sea air on the beach of Alonissos in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

You are at the balcony of your suite in Ilya Suites, which is situated on the quiet anchorage of Steni Vala. The private orchard with pear, olive, lemon and cherry trees fills the air and your lungs with oxygen. The day starts sunny as you leave to explore all the thrills that the island of Alonissos offers: feeling on your skin the cool, blue water, diving and sporting in the crystal clear sea and taking dips next to ancient shipwrecks. You decide to go nature-walking, stopping to daydream beside the picturesque churches and to enjoy the flavors and colors of their feast-day celebrations. These will be the memories of Alonissos that will be with you forever.

Live the dream of Alonissos through the hospitality of Ilya Suites!